Wide-Format or Poster Printing

Beginning in the spring semester of 2022, we've retired the old poster printer and have an agreement in place with Purdue IT and Purdue Libraries that will allow us to use their two high-speed wide-format printers. This will allow us to print at a comparable cost and provides us with redundancy that we don't have with just a single printer. Costs for College of Pharmacy departmental printing is currently covered by the Dean's office provided you print according to the instructions below.

Prior to printing, you must name your file so Purdue IT knows to bill it back to the College of Pharmacy. Failure to follow the file naming convention will result in you being billed directly for the print.

All files must be prefixed with COP_ followed by the department then by the PI or supervisor alias then by the alias of the person printing followed by information about the print. For example, if Mark Sharp were to print the instructions for poster printing, the file would be named COP_ADMIN_BARKEREL_SHARPM_PosterInstructions.pdf

Printing Tips:

Once you've submitted the print, you will need to go pick it up within 24 hours or the job will time out and you'll have to submit the print job again.

Copy your file to your home drive (W:/), or to a thumb drive and take it with you when you go to pick up your print. This will save you a trip if there's a problem with the print since you'll be able to print again using a computer in WALC.

Call the help desk to check on your print before you head over.
49-40859 is the phone number at the 2nd floor WALC Purdue IT desk.

Poster Templates:

All posters should be branded with College of Pharmacy branding.

If you know how to use InDesign, you can download research poster templates from marketing and communication: https://marcom.purdue.edu/toolbox/templates/all-templates/?search=research

If you don’t know how to use InDesign, MarCom has an online design tool with the templates loaded. You simply fill out the template with your content. This program is called Marqu. Requests for access can be made here: https://marcom.purdue.edu/contact/request/ (Please coordinate through your departmental staff).

As a member of the college, you can purchase BioRender at a discounted rate (contact Mark Sharp).

College branded PowerPoint templates for posters can be downloaded from the links below.

Pharmacy PPT Templates 36x24 .zip
Pharmacy PPT Templates 41x36 .zip
Pharmacy PPT Templates 48x41 .zip
Pharmacy PPT Templates 56x41 .zip

How to print:

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