How to configure OneDrive to backup my desktop and documents

Verify that OneDrive is running by clicking the Windows key, typing "one" then launching the OneDrive application.

Screenshot - Click the start button and type "One"

Once OneDrive is running, right click the blue cloud icon in the system tray at the lower right and select settings.

Screenshot of OneDrive icon in the system tray

If you want to make sure your files are always available even when working offline, click the settings tab and make sure "Files-On-Demand" is unchecked. Note that this may result in running out of hard drive space.

Screenshot of settings tab

Click the backup tab then click the "Manage backup" button

Turn on backup for desktop, documents, and pictures by checking the checkboxes then clicking the start backup button.

Close OneDrive settings.

OneDrive will stop syncing anytime you change your password or after about 3 months. Verify it is still syncing by checking that the OneDrive icon doesn't have an X through it. To re-enable syncing, click the OneDrive icon and sign back in.

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