Force Mac to Request Authentication for Printer

Force Mac to Request Authentication for a Printer

Steps to resolve when a MAC is trying to print to the Print Server and the job is getting stuck at "Authenticating".

Remember, credentials use below format
username: boilerad\username (if this doesn't work, just try your username)
password: career account password

  1. Click the refresh symbol on the job in the print queue, if the login prompt does not appear, continue to step 2
  2. Open Terminal and type lpstat -s to list all printers on the system.
  3. Find the problem printer ([printer-name]) in the list f devices. The printer name will be located after the line "device for"
    Ex: device for MyPrinter_5600_Series: usb://00000000-0000-0000-AB12-00000000
    In this case, the printer name would be MyPrinter_5600_Series
  4. Type sudo lpadmin -p [printer name] -o auth-info-required=username,password
    When you press return the Terminal will prompt for the MACs local password, enter it to continue
  5. Clear the print queue and send another job to the problem printer, the user should now be prompted for their credentials, follow the format at the top of this article.

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